Saturday, July 4, 2009

Independence Day and other ramblings

Last night Jeff and I went to Mount Rushmore to watch the fireworks. We went with a guy he works with and his family. We all got there several hours before the show and found a good place to sit and wait until dark. All was going well until the clouds moved in and then mist and fog. Soon we couldn't see Mt. Rushmore, then we couldn't see any of the closer rock formations... Then we could barely see the trees just across the street. Unfortunately it stayed that way the rest of the night. They ended up doing the fireworks show anyway and all we could see were the clouds/fog glowing different colors. We heard the booms and could even smell the powder/sulfur from the fireworks, but couldn't see them at all. At one point the fog shifted a bit and we started seeing about half of each firework when they went off. We saw half of about ten of them and then the sky closed off again. The grand finale really sounded great. I think it would have been the biggst finale I've ever seen - based on the rapid fire booms going off for quite some time. Jeff and I were talked afterwards, he said "you realize this means we'll have to do this again, to try and see what we missed". LOL Then everyone went back to their vehicles in the parking garage - only to be told by the police not to start our cars or move them because the highways were closed and would be for another hour or two. So... we all hung out in a parking garage for an hour or so. LOL It was a crazy night. I just wish we could have seen the show. We got home at about midnight and went straight to bed.

We're planning to go to Custer, SD tonight and try to see their fireworks. We went last year and they put on a really good show - the best fireworks I think I've ever seen. I think the Rushmore show would have topped it, if we had SEEN it. Unfortunately there are clouds rolling in right now so who knows if we'll get to see anything down there either.

On a totally unrelated note, I have joined Twitter. I've heard a lot about it over the past several months and I finally decided to give it a go. It's a pretty simple concept, you just post short updates about what you're doing at the moment. I like it, because it's another way I can keep in touch with friends and (so far) it doesn't take that much time to do. LOL I just pop on every now and then and type a little blurb about what I'm up to. Anyway, you can find me there at:

I've also been hard at work expanding my html knowledge and I've built my first little webpage from scratch. I'm going to use this particular page to share some pictures and information on my number one passion: horse training. It's coming along well so far. I have a lot more I want to do now that I'm learning how to do all of this html stuff. My computer stopped working over the last couple of days, right when I was going full speed ahead on all the html studying. So I've gotta get back to work on that. I'm testing out my computer right now. Jeff just finished fixing it and putting it back together. So far so good... Yesterday it wouldn't stay on more than 5 minutes. But here I sit rambling away and it's still humming along. I better post this now and not press my luck! LOL